Consolidation of financial statements for capital groups.

Advanced, secure and intuitive solution for both consolidated and stand-alone reporting.

Asseco Reporting Platform

The reporting platform offers the possibility to flexibly adjust the functionalities of the solution to the scale of business. Consolidation of financial statements can be carried out even for the largest capital groups, and the modular structure allows to use the system according to the user’s needs.

Thanks to the ease of configuration, the scope of functionalities can be used in subsidiaries to generate stand-alone reports, as well as in the main unit preparing consolidated financial statements for the whole group including stock exchange report compliant with ESEF requirements.

What distinguishes us?


Reporting in accordance with IFRS using different consolidation methods and different types of intragroup transactions.


A repository of documents and annexes allowing full documentation of the consolidation process.


A communication tool for effective cooperation between users at the time of reporting.


Efficient cooperation with groups and entities, as well as planning and managing work at different stages of consolidation.

Defining and launching the consolidation process

  • Comprehensive support for all stages of the consolidation process.
  • Possibility of delegating tasks and responsibilities within the group.
  • Monitoring of user activities in the scope of tasks assigned to them by graphical visualization of work stages and automatic reporting of exceedances.

Collection of information on intragroup transactions

  • Intuitive work with intragroup transactions – adding and editing (a possibility of importing from Excel file), verification, linking and reconciliation of data entered by the parties to the transaction. Different types of transactions are handled: clearing and turnover, fixed assets, intangible assets, legal assets and inventories.
  • Transactions are introduced based on a dynamic, user-defined data model, which allows for flexibility in selecting the level of detail of the recorded information according to the requirements of a given implementation..

Preparation of stand-alone reports

  • Intuitive work with financial statements of reporting entities. Data can be collected via the application interface, imported from Excel files or retrieved from the data warehouse.
  • The solution enables currency conversion and financial statements comparison and offers a number of functionalities supporting the user in analyzing and controlling micro-data.

Calculation of the consolidated financial statements

  • The consolidated package is calculated on the basis of data from stand-alone packages including currency conversions, intragroup transactions and all types of consolidation adjustments.
  • A possibility of sub-consolidation, consolidated financial statements can be calculated at any level of the group.
  • Supporting the consolidation process in case of both static and dynamically changing capital groups.

Verification and approval of the consolidated financial statements

  • A possibility of auditing consolidated data of the capital group based on transparent analytical reports. The consolidated financial statements can be validated and all their components are detailed. Introduction of manual consolidation adjustments applicable for subsequent reporting periods.
  • Thanks to the document repository, the consolidation process is documented and the built-in communication tool allows effective cooperation of users at the time of preparing the reports.

We prepare consolidated stock exchange report for the Asseco Group with the support of Asseco Reporting Platform


have been included in the consolidation report


from different regions in Europe and the rest of the world


used our applications at every stage of the process

Implementation in the Asseco Group

  • Independent consolidation of the two largest subgroups.
  • Over 70 companies participating in the consolidation process.
  • Subsidiaries in over 30 countries all over the world – including companies from most European regions.
  • Tens of thousands of intragroup transactions.
  • Dozens of subgroups of companies and other subgroups.
  • Nearly 200 application users worldwide: Israel, Nigeria, Georgia, Slovenia, Australia, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Austria.

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