Organization of the reporting process

A key aspect of efficient reporting is the proper preparation of the reporting process. Planning of individual stages and establishing rules allows to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce reporting costs. Based on many years of experience as the unit responsible for preparing consolidated reports of a group of companies operating in over 30 countries, we have created a process map and collected universal guidelines which are helpful in the preparation of the reporting process.

What is Asseco Reporting Platform?

The Asseco’s reporting platform is a comprehensive set of integrated solutions, which are the business and technological support for the entire reporting process.

The platform enables effective and efficient preparation of reports of listed companies, mandatory reports of financial institutions and analyses for management purposes.

Business benefits

The true strength of the reporting platform are the ready-to-use reporting packages maintained as a product and delivered in the form of extensions. Thanks to this approach, significant savings are achieved at every stage of the reporting process while maintaining the standardization of activities. Thanks to the use of the most popular calculation programs, Asseco’s reporting platform meets the expectations of all customers, without forcing them to change their reporting methods.


Comprehensive handling and automation of all stages of the reporting process.


Reduction of workload and costs related to handling the reporting process.


Standardization of the reporting process, enabling its full repeatability over time.

Technological benefits

Asseco Reporting Platform is an advanced, high quality reporting platform enriched with specialized analytical and control functions. The solution, a result of Asseco’s years of experience in the market, has a very efficient reporting engine and is capable of handling enterprise applications. Thanks to the implementation model, which has been tested in dozens of applications, adapting the solution to changes in the environment requires only slight involvement of the reporting institution’s IT services.


Automation of each aspect of the reporting and/or consolidation process.


Processing large volumes of data and efficient work on calculated reports.


Audit and security of the reporting process. Ease of data analysis at all stages of the process.

Modules of the reporting platform

Asseco Reporting Platform offers the possibility of a flexible adaptation of the functionalities of the solution to the scale of business operations. Its modular design allows the system to be used according to the user’s needs. The ease of configuration means that the range of functionalities can be used by both capital groups and individual entities. The modules form closely cooperating areas, corresponding to the substantive areas of reporting and management of the reporting process.

Asseco CMR - Reporting

The module provides comprehensive support for a stand-alone reporting process, starting from the acquisition of data from source systems, through support of the process of data transformation to an output layout, and ending with the presentation of results in the form and layout required by the recipient of reports.

download PDF on Asseco CMR

Asseco CCR - Consolidation

The module provides a range of functionalities that enable an automated handling of each aspect of a complex consolidation process at any stage, starting from the collection of stand-alone data, through their integration and reconciliation, and ending with the tools used for reviewing and analyzing the calculated consolidated financial statements.

download PDF on Asseco CCR

Asseco RMS - Risk

The module comprehensively covers the process of capital requirements calculation in accordance with the Basel III, starting with acquisition of data from source systems, through transformation of data into a model permitting its easy parametrization in accordance with the regulatory reguirements, ending up by providing the calculation results and reports for further analyses for the regulatory reporting.

download PDF on Asseco RMS

Asseco DM - Data Module

The module provides secure access to the source data through the access permissions granted at the application user level. The tool supports intuitive work with source data, allowing the users to view, edit and analyze the source data.

The modules work with MS Excel spreadsheets in both data collection and system configuration.

International cooperation

Thanks to extensive, international structure of the Asseco Group, we can proudly present references from various business partners abroad for whom we have performed numerous implementations. Thanks to our experience, we understand better the specificity of functioning of capital groups and large business holding companies.

We are able to offer additional products to support our solutions, which are successfully implemented in other countries.

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